Suzanne Zaccour – Sister “Bitches”: A Reflection on Rape Culture and the Exploitation of Animals

Suzanne Zaccour – Sister “Bitches”: A Reflection on Rape Culture and the Exploitation of Animals

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Feminists’ opposition to sexual violence has too often been conditional on the species of the victim. This continues despite growing literature on the interlocking relationship between sexism (oppression based on sex/gender) and speciesism (oppression based on species membership).

This presentation will show that rape culture tampers with our view of harm to animals. To explain how, I will identify six rape myths that reinforce the invisibility of sexual and gendered harms towards women and animals:

1) Real rape: It’s not harm if it’s not spectacular;
2) Naturally unworthy: It’s not harm if it’s in her nature;
3) Barbaric practices: It’s not harm if he’s a “nice guy”;
4) No means yes: It’s not harm if she’s “asking for it”;
5) Mules and pets: It’s not harm if I love her;
6) Crimes of passion: It’s not harm if I “need” to do it.

Unpacking rape culture in animal exploitation exposes the sexist nature of speciesism and sets the table for a renewed female solidarity across the species divide.


Suzanne Zaccour is a feminist author and DPhil candidate at Oxford University.

She is the author of the trade book La fabrique du viol (Leméac, 2019). With Michaël Lessard, she authored the feminist grammar book Grammaire non sexiste de la langue française (M éditeur, 2017) and edited the lexicon of sexist words Dictionnaire critique du sexisme linguistique (Somme Toute, 2017). Her academic interests include sexual and domestic violence, family law, gender & language, and animal rights.

Originally from Montréal, she is also a polyglot and circus enthusiast.

Her website:

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mercredi 28 avril 2021


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